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About The Hive.

Our story.

In May 2021, six women in Overland Park, KS began asking "what's next?" All highly motivated and collectively sharing years of professional experience, and a variety of skills, they were eager to enter the "middle stage" of life full force. As they searched for creative ways to meet new people and have some fun – all while fulfilling their desire to give back – they had a hunch there was an abundance of highly-talented friends and neighbors living nearby with the same goals.

Connecting these women and working together to do good for the community became their latest passion – and The Hive was born.

Our purpose.

As our mission states, we love to connect women in that "middle-stage" through our many social, educational and philanthropic opportunities. We strive for each of our events to have a give-back component to our monthly featured charity – Social, with a purpose.


Check out our Event Archives, as well Facebook and Instagram to see where we've been. Then visit Hive Happenings for our scheduled upcoming events and get connected!


“We are so excited to provide local women the opportunity to make new connections and to use their skills and resources to strengthen our community.”

— Tiffany Becker, The Hive Team 

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Our name.

The Hive is the perfect name to capture the idea of a colony of women, working and socializing together to bring good to the community.

The bee symbolizes community, brightness, and personal power  all attributes we champion for women everywhere.

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