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胸 h


Hカップの胸は両方で約gもあり、胸の脂肪が背中の方向へ流れやすいため、ナイトブラで脂肪を正しい位置に定着させることで綺麗な胸に保つことが可能 chest pain chest distress. 胸 怀 Trad. 胸 懷. xiōng huái. one's bosom (the seat of emotions) breast broad-minded and open to think about to cherish. 胸 襟. xiōng jīn. lapel of jacket 美しい女性の胸 の写真素材をダウンロード。低価格でご購入いただけます。 Image

田朴珺:我送了芒格一套男士护肤品!芒格:我都99了,还来得及吗? 每日经济新闻 跟贴 順位 好きなカップ数 どのくらいの割合の男性が好きか 第1位 Dカップ 真相大白!郝伟被抓原因曝光,未涉李铁案,记者:看望金敬道去了 球场新视角1号 王石田朴珺离婚,王石表示已经分居两年 西楼知趣杂谈 插队女子身份被扒,网友:难怪这么嚣张,曝光后或前途尽毁 楠楠教育说 Originally written 匈.From Old Japanese.First attested in the Kojiki of CE.Seldom used in isolation even in Old Japanese.Only found as the first element of compounds in modern Japanese.Notably, 棟 and 宗 also have an older reading muna that is only used in compounds for 宗 , possibly only in place names.This is consistent with other nouns that have paired vowel forms, and suggests that muna is probably the original form, and that the compound derivation is a folk etymology.胸 eumhun 가슴 흉 gaseum hyung.Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.See also: 脑 and 胷.Characters in the same phonetic series 凶 Zhengzhang, 网友3万块钱订的草坪婚礼,什么水平? 红岸电台 跟贴


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