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Business Spotlight.

Business Spotlight Fee:

PLUS a $20 Door Prize

(Hive Women) OR

(Hive Guests)

A room full of motivated and knowledgeable women provides for an excellent networking environment as well as the perfect opportunity to share your business or organization and your passions with possible future customers. We are all about supporting women of The Hive.

We will do a five minute interview with you to spotlight your business/organization during a monthly Hive meeting for a nominal fee. Review the Spotlight Details below to learn more.

Spotlight Details.
  • You will have up to five minutes to share basic business/organization details through a question/answer format.

  • You may distribute approved materials and contact information.

  • Submissions will be randomly selected and contacted prior to each monthly meeting.

  • The fee – $25 (if you have joined The Hive) or $50 (if you are a Hive Guest) – PLUS a door prize ($20 value) is required to participate. 

  • Payment arrangements will be made upon selection.

Have you joined The Hive?

Thank you for your interest in The Hive Business Spotlight! We have received your submission and will be in touch if you are selected to share.

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